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Certified Professional Macromedia ColdFusion Developer

Ecommerce Development Project

Blooms By The Box This custom Ecommerce website serves as the company's online store as well as a purchasing source. Its intuitive shopping cart, customer gallery and workshop web pages build customer relationships while sharing information with customers. The admin portion of the site is used to process orders in multiple locations, track order progress and catalog details including images. Our web designers developed this website using ColdFusion MX, Flash and SQL Server. All online shopping cart transactions are processed in a secure, encrypted environment.


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Website Design & Development

Website Design Examples

Fox Wyndrum Associates Website Design VIA NJ
Fox Wyndrum Associates Web Design JVPC
Fox Wyndrum Associates Website Development Blooms By The Box

Your website has only seconds to convey an answer to new visitors… and convince them to stay.

It's critical that your website design makes the most of those fleeting seconds to make your company's products and services stand out from a sea of competition that's only a click away. And once you bring them in, the next challenge is to keep them coming back again… and again.

Fox Wyndrum Associates' talented website designers and web developers know how to make the right first impression, and how to give your visitors a reason to return. Our team helps clients focus on the important areas of the web development process to make sure that their websites deliver the right message with the most impact.

Relevant, Manageable Content

Regular updates mean more traffic. At the same time, keeping websites current can be a time-consuming task. Fox Wyndrum helps its clients find a balance that will meet their website objectives without overwhelming maintenance. Our team also authors and edits site content.

Simplified Site Maps

People turn to the web for information because it's fast, and they won't dig far for information on one site before moving on to another one. Fox Wyndrum Associates websites organize and filter even the most complex content into accessible, intelligent presentations.

Clear and Easy Navigation

Menus up the side, across the top, pop ups popping all over… Too many websites leave even the "web-savvy" user lost. Your site might offer your customers exactly what they're looking for, but they have to be able to find it easily and on their own. Fox Wyndrum knows how to combine straightforward consistency with intuitive conventions to lead the way.

Visually Engaging Interfaces

"Where do I look?!" Interesting images and slick animations are fun, but they shouldn't detract from - or worse, hide - your message. Fox Wyndrum Associates designs web pages that draw users to your most important content to make sure your visitors see what you want them to see. We can begin with a client's established artwork, or create a whole visual package from the start, including logos and color palettes.

Expert Project Management

Fox Wyndrum Associates' team brings the experience of years of project management to its clients to ensure that jobs are scoped to the budget from the start, and managed to the budget to the end. Fox Wyndrum uses the same proven methodology for websites as it does for its business software development projects:

Analyze. Design. Plan. Deliver.

Our talented web developers work with many popular tools and languages to rapidly develop websites, including:
  • Adobe ColdFusion
  • PHP
  • Java
  • Adobe PhotoShop & Illustrator
  • Adobe Flash
  • Adobe Fireworks
  • Javascript