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University of Alabama

Support Systems for Higher Education

University Of Alabama The faculty activity reporting application is an easy to use multi-platform (Windows/Mac) application that provides faculty members with data to verify their teaching load, contract and grant activity and enter their out of classroom activities to submit data to administration for evaluation purposes. Consolidated reporting includes the ability to query publications, contracts and grants and produce a Delaware Study Out of Classroom Activity report by department or for the entire college or university. Time and effort recordkeeping is recorded in a flexible user-defined data entry page with reports and graphs that compare data by department, period or individual. A test registration application allows lab testing administrators to manage test registration for students including a date/time limited registraton periods, automated email reminders and reporting. Each of these applications were designed in Coldfusion MX and MySql.


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Support Systems for Higher Education

Fox Wyndrum has expertise in developing and supporting a variety of higher education support systems. We have worked with colleges to meet their development needs for Faculty Activity Reporting, Time & Effort Reporting and Student Test Registration applications.

Faculty Activity Reporting is a time-consuming data entry intensive task. Providing faculty members with a user-friendly, web based application with the ability to upload and download data is a key component for success. We have developed a number of processes that interface with other campus support systems (Banner, OSP, RefWorks) to assist faculty members in their data entry requirements. In addition to entering data, faculty members can download data in the format of a BioSketch or Curriculum Vita. Administrators can create ad-hoc queries or run standard queries to create consolidated reports on faculty activity. Standard reports on Faculty Productivity, Annual Faculty Review and the Delaware Study of Out of Classroom Faculty Activity can be run by department, college or across the entire University.

Department chairs and deans can perform online faculty evaluations without ever printing a document. All faculty data is locked by the faculty member once data entry is complete and the department chair or dean can then review and enter an evaluation. Evaluations are "eSigned" by both the faculty member and department chair or dean to finalize the process.

The FAR application is divided into a sections pertaining to Faculty Activity, Evaluations and Reporting.

Faculty Activity

Instruction Quality

  • Course data
    Data can be imported from Banner or manually entered
  • Dissertations/Theses
  • Advising & Supervision
  • Administrative Responsibilities


  • Publications
    Allows user to format citation in APA, MLA or Chicago Style Data can be imported from RefWorks
  • Creative Activities
  • Intellectual Property
  • Conferences & Meetings
  • Contracts & Grants
    Data can be imported from OSP data
  • Honors & Awards
  • Miscellaneous other scholarly activities

Academic Citizenship

  • Internal and External Committee Assignments
  • Other professional service activities
  • Goals

Evaluation Manager


  • FTE's
  • Current Vita
  • Evaluation matrix including comments
  • eSignature processing
  • Faculty Response


  • Annual Review
  • Delaware Study
  • Biosketch
  • Curriculum Vita
  • Faculty Productivity Summary
  • Publication Query
  • Contracts & Grants Query
  • Intellectual Property Query

Time & Effort Reporting

Faculty members need a flexible means of accounting for their time and effort. Administrators need to define what data to collect and how to collect it. We've brought these items together with a Time & Effort application that allows users to report data as determined by administration at intervals that meet the users' needs. A variety of reports can be run and displayed as a web page, bar graph, pie graph or downloaded to a text file.

Data Entry

  • Goals Entry
  • Daily Activity View
  • Monthly Detail Activity View
  • Monthly Summary Activity View
  • Faculty/Chair Certification

Reports & Queries

  • T&E Ad-hoc Query
  • Period Detail/Summary Reports
  • Comparative Analysis Reports
  • Department Average Query

Student Test Registration

Campus test centers can easily implement this flexible test registration application. The application features an easy use student registration web page where students can register for a test and receive a confirmation email. Test center administrators can upload student and course data and create test sessions by course.

Data Entry

  • Test Location Maintenance
    Includes maximum number of seats and number of reduced distraction seats
  • Test Day/Period Maintenance
    Allows administrators to determine active registration periods
  • Student Maintenance
    Data can be imported from Banner or text files
  • Course Maintenance
    Data can be imported from Banner or text files
  • Test Maintenance

Registration Maintenance

  • Student Registration page with cut-off date/time
  • Registration page for administrators

Reports & Queries

  • Students Registered Query
  • Students Not Registered Query
  • Registration Matrix
  • Registration Query
  • Automated email function to alert students not registered of registration deadline