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Certified Professional Macromedia ColdFusion Developer

University of Alabama

Support Systems for Higher Education

University Of Alabama The faculty activity reporting application is an easy to use multi-platform (Windows/Mac) application that provides faculty members with data to verify their teaching load, contract and grant activity and enter their out of classroom activities to submit data to administration for evaluation purposes. Consolidated reporting includes the ability to query publications, contracts and grants and produce a Delaware Study Out of Classroom Activity report by department or for the entire college or university. Time and effort recordkeeping is recorded in a flexible user-defined data entry page with reports and graphs that compare data by department, period or individual. A test registration application allows lab testing administrators to manage test registration for students including a date/time limited registraton periods, automated email reminders and reporting. Each of these applications were designed in Coldfusion MX and MySql.


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Barcode Software & Consulting

Barcode Software and Expertise

Barcode Experts

Barcodes play a vital role in every aspect of business operations. Across the supply chain, from product identification to logistics to inventory management to point-of-sale transactions, barcodes provide accurate, instantaneous data collection for automated systems. Fox Wyndrum helps its clients identify effective ways to use barcodes to collect and distribute data, containing costs and improving efficiencies.

Fox Wyndrum Associates, Inc. are expert at seamlessly integrating barcode encoding, barcode creation, barcode scanning and barcode decoding technologies into business software applications. Our specialists have years of experience with a wide variety of barcode symbologies including UPC-A, UPC-E, EAN-8, EAN-13, GS1 DataBar, GS1-128, Code 39, Code 128, Code 11, Codabar, Interleaved 2 of 5.

Fox Wyndrum's barcode and data processing knowledge played an integral role in the development of industry standards and protocols. Working with GS1 US, leading retailers and CPG (consumer packaged goods) manufacturers, Fox Wyndrum's experts helped to develop and promote the new standard for CPG coupons entitled North American Coupon Application Guideline Using GS1 DataBar (RSS) Expanded Symbols. This standard is used by manufacturers, retailers, point-of-sale systems developers, coupon processors and redemption agents to implement this industry-changing effort.

Fox Wyndrum's experts advanced the GS1 Coupon DataBar initiative by authoring guidelines to be used by point-of-sale systems developers in interpreting and integrating the GS1 DataBar standard into retail transaction processing systems. These guidelines were subsequently published by the GS1 US to standardize the implementation of the GS1 Coupon DataBar in retail and manufacturer systems in the United States.

Fox Wyndrum's consultants also designed and executed an industry-wide barcode scanning test to measure the impact of the new GS1 Coupon DataBar on retail point-of-sale processing. The effort included creating test data sets, test packages, data collection and reporting.

Fox Wyndrum's consultants are recognized as leading experts in the GS1 Coupon DataBar standard. Joan Wyndrum has twice been awarded the Industry Impact Award by the Association of Coupon Professionals (ACP) for her work with retailers, manufacturers and coupon processors in driving the implementation of the GS1 Coupon DataBar. She has made numerous presentations to industry groups and with Lawrence Fox authored widely-distributed white papers on the subject.

Barcode Software Design and Development

Fox Wyndrum Associates' team of barcode experts have designed and built innovative barcode encoding and decoding software applications for a wide array of industries, including supply chain/logistics, coupon and promotion, retail point-of-sale, warehousing and fulfillment, commercial moving and storage, manufacturing, records storage and wholesale distribution industries. Some notable past projects and expertise include:

  • Barcode symbol encoding and creation for product, packaging and distribution systems utilizing UPC/EAN, Code 39 and GS1 DataBar and other barcode symbologies.
  • Barcode symbol decoding and data interpretation for supply chain and logistics applications, retail point-of-sale systems, coupon production systems, coupon clearing systems, coupon misredemption control systems and coupon deduction management systems.
  • Coupon offer management, coupon misredemption control systems and coupon deduction management systems.
  • Barcode standards compliance for UPC-A, UPC-E, UPC-A/EAN-128 Coupon Barcode, GS1 Coupon DataBar Interim and GS1 Coupon DataBar symbologies.
  • Commercial inspection and insurance adjustment systems utilizing mobile barcode data capture.
  • In-line manufacturing batch control and product barcode label generation.
  • Inventory management systems utilizing barcode labeling for product, location, customer identification and order processing.
  • Records storage applications utilizing barcode labeling and data capture for box, file, location, customer identification and order processing.
  • Wholesale and retail point-of-sale (POS) systems utilizing barcode label encoding, barcode generation, barcode scanning and barcode decoding.

Barcode Consulting

Fox Wyndrum Associates' team of barcode consultants have worked across industries defining or re-defining systems and processes to incorporate the latest barcode technologies to streamline operations and improve data accuracy. Our consultants have crafted intelligent, effective implementations of internal barcode encoding and decoding solutions as stand-alone processes or integrated with external applications and third parties.

Barcode consulting services Fox Wyndrum Associates offers include:

  • Retail point-of-sale systems GS1 Coupon DataBar implementation consulting.
  • Barcode implementation guideline development.
  • Barcode symbology training and consultation.
  • Promotion management and offer control systems design for the CPG industry.
  • Supply chain and logisitics process design utilizing international barcoding standards.
  • Barcode usage best practice standards development.
  • Barcode scanning and decoding test plan development and implementation.
  • Programming standards development for barcode encoding and decoding logic.